Export Policy Order

Export Policy Order 2015-18

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Pakistan exports many different high-quality products to different countries all around the world and that is why; Export Policy Order, 2013 has different rules and regulations which vary with different countries.

Foreign exchange rules and regulations will be applied when exporting products from Pakistan to other countries of the World. Those goods which are included in the Schedule-I cannot be exported because they are banned products. Goods listed in Schedule-II can be exported but according to different conditions. Federal Government also offers relaxation on restricted and banned products but in the case of re-export or export-cum-import.

According to the Customs Rules, 2001; frustrated cargo can be re-exported. For the purpose of repairing, refilling or replacement; imported goods are allowed to be exported but it is required to re-import those exported products in any manner. Temporary exporting is also allowed for a limited time period and must be imported back within the allotted time frame.

Schedule-I & II chemicals which are listed in Appendix-A & B, are not allowed to be exported to States but Schedule-III chemicals which are listed in Appendix-C, allowed to be exported to States because those chemicals are used for commercial purposes.

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