Karachi Port Cargo Handling

The data is provided by courtesy of Karachi Port Trust (KPT).

The page is all about Cargo Handling at Karachi Port.

Karachi Port is one of the busiest seaports in the world which handles about 60% of Pakistan’s cargo. There are two container terminals available on the port: KICT and PICT. 30 dry cargo and 3 liquid cargo berths are supported by the Karachi port. 26 million tons cargo per annum is handled by this port in which 12 million tons is of dry cargo and 14 million is of liquid cargo. About 1600 ships visit Karachi port per year. It has a very safe navigation system for all types of ships and containers. Facilities available at the Karachi Port include ship handling, loading & unloading of cargo, cargo storage, clearance, and security. Overall you can say a well-managed seaport of Pakistan is available to serve you.

Below you can see a detailed chart of cargo handling at Karachi Port.

This chart provides you complete information of cargo handling ship by ship. Which ships are present on the eastern area and which ships are present on the western area, all information is included. Berthing dates, agents’ names, loading and unloading details of cargo; all you can see through this chart.

All the data is provided by the courtesy of Karachi Port Trust (KPT).

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