Online Vehicle Tax Verification System (Sindh)

Vehicle tax is a type of tax imposed on two wheel or four wheel vehicles which are going to be moved on the public roads. Before running a car on the road, registration is required and the rates may vary according to the vehicle type and engine capacity. After purchasing a car, registration and vehicle tax is required to be paid. Registration is required only once and vehicle tax is to be paid every year.

Vehicle tax rate also varies according to the engine capacity. For the engine capacity up to 800 cc, the tax rate is Rs.1000 and as the engine capacity goes high, the tax rate also goes high. Tax rates for commercial purpose vehicles are set according to the number of seats.

How does it work?

In order to verify the vehicle verification tax Sindh, there is an online system available which is very useful. It will really save your time because it requires only some kind of information and here you go.

Below you can see a vehicle tax verification system. It is very easy to use. Just select your vehicle type, enter the registration no of your vehicle, enter the captcha and press the enter button. In case of any typing error, press the reset button to write all the information again.

This online vehicle tax verification system will give you complete information regarding your vehicle and tax. It will show the registration no, registration date, tax payment date, engine no, owner name, vehicle’s class, horsepower of the vehicle, make, body type, model year, CPLC status, seating capacity and remarks about your vehicle.

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