Post/EMS Tracking

Enter tracking number here, usually looks like EE123456789XX
Country will be selected automatically when possible



Useful Links:

Country codes         Links to Post Office Pages          EMS Cooperative members

How it works

Post/EMS numbers have the format EE123456789XX

  • We use the last 2 letters to automatically send the request to the correct country
  • In some cases we use the 2 first letters to select the type of tracking to use
  • If the country is not supported or you want to select a specific country you can do this manually after tracking

Supported countries

Saudi Arabia
South Africa

Post/EMS Tracking help

Post/EMS use a standard numbering system consisting of 2 letters + 9 digits + 2 letters. The two last letters indicates which company the shipment belongs to. Note that not all shipments use this standard.

This service makes it possible to track shipments with different countries from one place. Country is selected automatically based on the number entered.

  1. Enter number here
  2. Click button “Track with options” to track with the possibility of selecting a different country afterwards.
  3. Click button “Track direct” to go directly to the tracking service for the country without options. If the country is not supported tracking will be executed as “Track with options”.
  4. This area contains some useful post/EMS related links.
  5. In this area links to the sites of countries supported by this service can be found.

Result page

  1. The number tracked for.
  2. The origin country for the shipment.
  3. Click to return to the post/EMS page.
  4. The name of the country tracked for. Sometimes one will get a message that the shipment has been sent to a different country. One can then get a list here and track for this country if it is supported. Please note that not all countries supports tracking of foreign shipments, in this case the country will not show up in this list.
  5. Some countries have alternative trackings, if so the active one is showed here and one can get a list of alternatives.
  6. It is possible to override automatic selection of country, and also make some selections for when this should happen.
  7. In this area special information about the current tracking may appear.
  8. The tracking result is shown here. This is a frame that shows the tracking result page from the site of the country being tracked for.