Month: August 2023


Pakistan Budget 2023-2024

Finance Act (Click here to Download) Federal Budget Documents 2023-24                                                        Title Finance Minister’s Windup Speech – Budget 2023-24 (Urdu) Finance Minister’s Speech – Budget 2023-24 (English) Finance Minister’s Speech […]


Pakistan Budget 2022-2023

Finance Bill Finance Bill Notes On Clauses Salient Feature Customs Schedules First Schedule (Customs-Tariff 1-50) First Schedule (Customs Tariff 51-99) Second Schedule (Fifth-Schedule) Federal Budget Publications 2022-23 Title Medium Term Budget Strategy Paper 2022-23 — 2024-25 Federal Budget Speech (English) 2022-23 Federal Budget Speech (Urdu) 2022-23 Annual Budget Statement 2022-23 Salana Meezania ka Goshwara 2022-23 […]

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