FBR has not contributed to the CIRP report

FBR has not contributed to the CIRP report

It is for the information of all that FBR has not contributed to the report of Center for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan’s (CIRP) titled “Representation without Taxation”.

FBR has not provided any information on declared annual incomes or tax paid by the parliamentarians to CIRP for any study. Section 216 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 specifically places restrictions on the release of such data. Recent news items appearing in the press over the last few weeks based on the information available in the report are therefore, apparently not in line with the actual facts on record. FBR, therefore, does not endorse the conclusions drawn in the CIRP’s report.

However, FBR has constituted a committee to probe into the likelihood of ‘data theft’ and any involvement of any FBR officer/official in the matter, if found shall be dealt with seriously.

It is further clarified that the salary income of the parliamentarians is subjected to deduction of tax at source, and non-filing of return does not lead to the conclusion that no tax has been paid.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR

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