FBR sets yet another milestone in taxpayer facilitation by introducing automated information system for taxpayers to discharge their tax liabilities more conveniently. The initiative was taken by FBR’s Facilitation and Taxpayer Education Wing, headed by a Senior Member, Ms. Riffat Shaheen Qazi. The project was successfully launched today by Chairman, FBR, Mr. Mumtaz Haider Rizvi with a click of a computer button in a simple launching ceremony held at the office of Member FATE, FBR, here today.

 First batch of facilitation e-mails were sent to 1,028 taxpayers, which will be sent over the next 24 hours to about 200,000 taxpayers whose e-mails are registered with FBR. Following this first regular e-mail from FBR’s FATE Wing, FBR will now continue to send e-mail messages to taxpayers to remind them of upcoming deadlines on tax payments, changes in taxation law and procedures, and other useful information for helping them in their tax matters. These e-mails however, do not replace the statutory responsibility of paying taxes, that lies under statutes, with the taxpayer.

FBR has distinct e-mail addresses of about 281,241 taxpayers who will be sent these e-mails, and subsequently this facility will be extended to more taxpayers, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry across Pakistan were amongst the first recipients of this e-mail service, said Rifat Shaheen Qazi, Member-FATE / FBR’s Spokesperson, on the occasion of the launching ceremony.

Earlier, Chairman, FBR, Mumtaz Haider Rizvi, while talking on the occasion, stressed on the service delivery role of FBR and how this should facilitate the enforcement efforts of FBR.  More e-mails are expected to follow as FBR plans to educate and remind the taxpayers on tax deadlines and other new initiatives to join hands with FBR to contribute in a common goal of strengthening the national economy.

Riffat Shaheen Qazi
Member (FATE) / Official Spokesperson, FBR

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