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FBR launches Taxpayers’ Facilitation Portal

By admin Mar 29, 2013

Keeping in view the facilitation of taxpayers, FBR officially launched today its Taxpayers’ Facilitation Portal accessible at FBR’s web address

This major paradigm shift from an official website towards a Taxpayers’ Facilitation Web Portal is the initiative of FBR’s Chairman Ali Arshad Hakeem with a view towards maximum online facilitation, guidance and help for the taxpayers, in line with best international practices.

All the information required by a taxpayer is minimally presented on the portal with the objective of making it more user-friendly. The new interface is designed with the principle of categorization of information and its presentation in a simple but graceful manner with the sole objective of maximum taxpayer facilitation and easy access to required information.

For the facilitation of taxpayers, all the links of online services provided by FBR are placed in a separate but easily visible section on the portal. All the information and links provided earlier on the website are also accessible with more ease.

For the ease of taxpayers, and if someone is more comfortable with the earlier layout of information, FBR’s previous website is also accessible from the same portal.
Taxpayers, stakeholders and general public are encouraged to give online feedback and suggestions through the same portal.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR

By admin

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