FBR’s drive against illicit tobacco / cigarette trade

FBR’s drive against illicit tobacco / cigarette trade

The Anti Illicit Tobacco/Cigarette Unit working under the Inland Revenue Wing of FBR has successfully launched its wide ranged operations covering almost all segments of this evasion prone sector. In addition to enforcement activities audits have also been conducted identifying recoverable Duty/taxes over RS 262 million.

During the last 6 months (July-December, 2012) of the current fiscal year, the intelligence & Investigation arm of Inland Revenue at FBR unearthed tax evasion in the cigarette manufacturing and sales.

Millions of untaxed cigarettes have been confiscated and the business concerns have been sealed. The confiscated cigarettes include both locally manufacturing and foreign brands. The last factory raided was M/s C.M Tobacco located in Mid Ranjha Sargodha, where 1,100,000 cigarettes were seized. The value of the cigarettes seized, on which duty has not been paid, is Rs, 11, 57,200. The machinery of M/s CM Tobacco has also been sealed.

In addition to the local cigarettes, details of foreign brands of cigarettes, seized in the last 6 month is as under:

Name of Brand Seized

Quantity of Cigarettes/Tobacco seized


770,000 Cigarette Sticks


50,000 Cigarette Sticks


30,000 Cigarette Sticks


20,000 Cigarette Sticks


10,000 Cigarette Sticks

RED & WHITE(Counterfeit)

40,000 Cigarette Sticks

Miscellaneous Foreign brands (Counterfeit)

180,000 Cigarette Sticks

In order to raise awareness-level of taxpayers in the cigarette industry, an awareness campaign was also organized by FBR’s Intelligence and Investigation Directorate. The campaign was focused towards provision of information to Retailers/ Dealers/ Wholesalers through FBR’s web portal. The campaign also used print and electronic media, and notices to wholesalers / retailers of cigarettes.

FBR is actively pursuing tax evasion cases in cigarettes, batteries, real estate and other suspected sectors.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR

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