Import Policy Order

Import Policy Order 2015-18

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Trade policy is a set of rules through which a country can restrict some goods to be imported in such country and to change the issues in international trade.  Every country has its own trade policy based on different complex actions. Pakistan is also included in the members of World Trade Organization and has different trade agreements with different nations all around the globe. The latest import policy of Pakistan became effective from 2013. Import Policy Order of 2009 has been repealed.

According to the Import Policy Order, goods which are included in the banned list; cannot be imported in Pakistan but there are some conditions in which these banned products can be imported like ‘Defensive products asked by the Federal Government’, ‘Goods exempted from custom duties’ and ‘Goods asked by the Government agencies, ministries & divisions’. There is also a series of restricted items which can be imported in Pakistan under different conditions for different items.

Any issue regarding the import status of any product will go to the Ministry of Commerce if the custom authorities failed to clarify.

Temporary import option is also very clear in the Import Policy order for different products. Shipping lines or airlines can import different products other than those in Appendix-A, B and C. In order to arrange any exhibition under the supervision of Pakistan’s Government or Chamber of Commerce, required goods can also imported other than those mentioned in Appendix-A, B and C. Equipments and machineries used for scientific, medical or technical purposes can also be gettable through this temporary import option.

Disabled persons can import duty free cars without any problem but not higher than the engine capacity of 1350cc and those cars must be customized according to the needs of disabled persons. There is also a facility of relaxation on the banned or restricted goods by the Federal Government.

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