Karachi Port Arrivals

The data is provided by courtesy of Karachi Port Trust (KPT).

The page is about Karachi Port operations like expected ship arrivals, ship off port, ship on port, ships departures, movement schedule, cargo detail.

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Karachi Port is one the largest seaports of South Asia. This port handles about 60% of Pakistan’s cargo and that is why it is one of busiest. The boat storage area is divided into two halves: East and West. East storage area supports 17 ships and West supports 13. Each storage area contains a container terminal. West contains ‘Karachi International Container Terminal’ (KICT) and East contains ‘Pakistan International Container Terminal’ (PICT).

Below you can see daily routine Karachi Port operations which are updated regularly. Detailed information regarding the operations on Karachi Port is available here. You can check the expected ship arrivals, ships off port, ships on port, ships departures, movement schedule, cargo details and cargo locations.

Through ‘expected arrivals bar’, you can get the information of those vessels which are expected to be arrived on particular dates. You can get detailed information including the ship name, agent name, arrival date & time and imp & exp tons.

Information about ships that are off port is getable through ‘ships off port bar’. Information about ships that are on part can be seen through the ‘ships on port’ option. You can also keep an eye on the departures of ships, movement schedules, cargo details and cargo location.

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