Officers of 96th National Management Course visit FBR Headquarters

Officers of 96th National Management Course visit FBR Headquarters

Senior bureaucrats undergoing the 96th National Management Course visited FBR headquarters here today. The 61 officers and 11 faculty member group was led by Rector of National School of Public Policy (NSPP) Mr. Ismail Qureshi.

FBR’s Member (SP&S) Ms. Azra Mujtaba briefed the visiting officers on the history, structure, significance and working of FBR. The presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session in which the visiting officers raised many questions.

Member (Inland Revenue) Mr. Shahid Hussain Asad Member (Taxpayers’ Audit) Hafiz Muhammad Anees, Member (HRM) Ms. Rana Seerat and Member (Administration) Mr. Muhammad Raza Baqir answered the group’s questions.

Addressing the visiting group, Mr. Shahid Hussain Asad highlighted the steps taken by FBR to enhance revenues and to maximize enforcement and implementation. He elaborated that the to-date revenue collection for the current financial year is higher than the corresponding period last year. He emphasized how taxes are crucial for development of any country and it is our duty to pay taxes for national development.

Member (IR) thanked the National Management Course’s participants for visiting FBR and for contributing to the interactive session and giving suggestive feedback. A memorial shield was presented to Mr. Ismail Quershi by Member (TPA) on behalf of FBR.

Rector (NSPP) Mr. Ismail Qureshi thanked the senior officers of FBR for providing this opportunity for exchange of ideas, suggesting that this be a continuous process. He added that we should continue working with zeal and keep on contributing towards nation building and appreciated the FBR’s increased cooperation with provinces on revenue matters. He also suggested setting up of a joint federal provincial Revenue organ like IRSA. The Rector Mr. Ismail Qureshi presented a commemorative shield to FBR which was received by Member (IR).

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR

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