Online NTN Verification

Watch this video for the process of NTN verification

 NTN (National Tax Number) verification is required when someone wants to verify the business of any person; salaried persons also do verification of their NTN by entering their CNIC, online. The purpose of verifying online NTN depends upon your requirements. Knowing your NTN is essential because in any documentation work, your NTN may be asked and you have to give it to continue your applied work.

For the verification of NTN, there is a search bar available below. You can verify the NTN through a very simple way. There is an option of ‘Search Parameter’ in which you will find 5 options: NTN/FTN, STRN, CNIC, Passport No, and Reg. / INC. No. You can select any parameter in order to search for NTN verification. By choosing NTN/FTN parameter, write your NTN/FTN number for verification. For STRN; write down your sales tax registration number and also CNIC, Passport No & Reg. No can be written down for the verification of NTN.

There are also many other facilities available online like e-enrollment and swift e-enrollment for salaried persons and at the same time you can also check the status of your enrollment. E-registration facilities, e-payments for paying taxes, searching for taxpayers, a news gallery, and much more are included in this single online platform. Helpdesk is always ready to help and support you at the time of your needs. You can submit your complaints, and suggestions and can also check the status of your complaints 24/7. Frequently asked questions are also included to get help.

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