Pakistan Budget 2022-2023

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Pakistan Budget 2022-2023

Finance Bill

bullet Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Finance Bill
bullet Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Notes On Clauses

Salient Feature

Customs Schedules

bullet Pakistan Budget 2022-2023First Schedule (Customs-Tariff 1-50)
bullet Pakistan Budget 2022-2023First Schedule (Customs Tariff 51-99)
bullet Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Second Schedule (Fifth-Schedule)

Federal Budget Publications 2022-23gap Pakistan Budget 2022-2023
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Medium Term Budget Strategy Paper 2022-23 — 2024-25
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Federal Budget Speech (English) 2022-23
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Federal Budget Speech (Urdu) 2022-23
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Annual Budget Statement 2022-23
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Salana Meezania ka Goshwara 2022-23
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Budget in Brief (English) 2022-23
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Talkhees e Meezania 2022-23
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Explanatory Memorandum on Federal Receipts 2022-23
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Regular & Technical Supplementary Grants FY 2020-21 and 2021-22
arrows_1_2 Pakistan Budget 2022-2023Excess Demands for Grants and Appropriations

Budget Call Circular 2022–2023

Budget Proposals 2022-2023

Budget Estimates 2022-23

1Budget 2022-23 Proposals
2Budget Strategy Paper 2022-2025
3Integrated Budget Call Circular 2022-23

Expected Salary Increase in Budget 2022-23 Pakistan

Salary Increase in Budget 2022-23 Pakistan

As we know, every govt employee is waiting for the promises of the prime minister of Pakistan. Because the previous budgets have completely disappointed most of the employees so that why we all are expecting this time a huge spike in increasing salary in the coming budget 2022-23.

Latest Updates About Salary Increase on 25th February 2022: As we know that the Federal Government of Pakistan has issued the official notification regarding 15% Disparity Allowance 2022 for the employees working under the Federal Govt and has also given instructions to increase the salaries of Provincial employees. In the coming Budget 2022-23, there is a possibility to increase 10% the Adhoc relief allowance and also expected to increase basic pay after merging previous Adhoc relief allowances. The Pay and Pension Committee has also accepted the Minute of AGEGA Demands / Proposals in Government employee’s salaries.

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