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Rebates are the re-payments of taxes; when the amount of tax required to pay is going to be less than the amount of tax paid, rebates are claimed.

Rebates are paid to exporters within minutes after the departure of the liner. The previous system was very time taking because of the manual examination of the consignments.

Rebates are not allowed in every case, there are some cases in which you are not allowed to claim for the rebate. There is no rebate to be claimed on those goods which were required to be added into the export manifest but are not so added. When the rebate amount is less than 100 rupees, you cannot be allowed to claim that.

In this section of rebate claim search, you can easily search down the status of your claimed rebate by using the link available below.

Checking the status of your claimed rebate is very easy because it requires only some information and a button to be clicked. Just enter your allotted claim number in the ‘enter claim number’ column and press the search button. It will show you your claim number, claim date, amount and status of your claim. In case of any mistake or new search press the reset button:

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