Vehicles Amnesty Scheme update

Vehicles Amnesty Scheme update

Federal Government’s Amnesty Scheme for smuggled and non duty paid vehicles has received phenomenal response. Till March 31, 2013, over 34,000 vehicles have been assessed to import duty and taxes at various custom offices all over the country. The total revenue collected on such vehicles is approximately Rs. 10 billion.

The success is unprecedented compared to the identical facilities allowed in the past. Customs offices have been working over the weekend, beyond the normal call of duty for this to happen.

Considering the wide response and the demand, the Government has extended the last date for availing the Amnesty to 6th April, 2013. The persons in possession of non duty paid and smuggled vehicles can now surrender such vehicles to customs and get them legalized through payment of duty and taxes till 6th April, 2013.

Meanwhile, all Customs offices, in response to the queries received from the Office of Federal Tax Ombudsman, will cooperate with them and provide the data and record of the vehicles assessed so far.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR

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