Last date for filing of Income Tax return (electronically/manually) for Tax Year 2014 is 21-11-2014

Last date for filing of Income Tax return (electronically/manually) for Tax Year 2014 is 21-11-2014

Nov. 18, 2014

Last date for filing of Income Tax return (electronically/manually) for Tax Year 2014 is 21-11-2014

As the last date for filing of income tax return (electronically/manually) for tax year 2014 is 21-11-2014, all Inland Revenue offices will remain open till 8.00 pm on 21 November, 2014 for receipt of manually filed income tax returns.

It may be reminded that in order to facilitate the taxpayers for filing the returns of income for the tax year 2014, the FBR has established more than two hundred (200) Tax Facilitation Kiosks (KIOSKs)/Tax Facilitation Centers (TFCs) throughout the country on places like important business centers, shopping malls, offices of Traders’ Associations/Chambers of Commerce & Industry, National & Provincial Assembly buildings, Federal Secretariat, Civil Secretariats in all the provincial capitals, press clubs in Islamabad and in the four provincial capitals, offices of the big public sector enterprises, and important markets where maximum number of taxpayers can avail the facility. Knowledgeable and competent officers/officials have been deputed in these KIOSKs/TFCs to guide and assist the taxpayers in the filing of tax returns. These KIOSKs/TFCs are operational from Monday through Saturday from 9.00 am to 5:00 pm daily. These KIOSKs/TFCs will also remain open from 9.00 am to 8:00 pm on 21st November, 2014. The prescribed proformae of returns and wealth statement are available on these KIOSKs/TFCs. The KIOSKs/TFCs would provide education and guidance to the taxpayers, and would help the taxpayers to properly fill in the tax declarations. The taxpayers are requested to contact the nearest Tax Facilitation Kiosk/Tax Facilitation Centre in case of any difficulty or problem in filing their returns.

FBR has impressed upon all taxpayers to file their returns as early as possible so that they don’t face any difficulty to file return on last date of filing of returns. After due date non filers will be issued notices for levy of penalty. It may be noted that the minimum amount of penalty is Rs. 20,000/-. In genuine needs the taxpayers may obtain extension for fling of returns up to 15 days from their relevant commissioners

Shahid Hussain Asad
Member (IR Policy Official Spokesman FBR

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